Who We Are

Let us empower you to build your own container home or browse our move in ready models.

The trend of reducing one’s carbon footprint is really taking off. From renewable resources such as solar to smaller modern alternative homes utilizing green or recycled materials it has us very excited.

Our mission is to contribute to this movement with container homes that utilize recycled shipping containers that can be combined for any size home or business that is sure to attract a lot of attention.

Move-In Ready Homes
We can build around anyone's budget: used 320 sq/ft containers cost around $2000. We can combine to create your own vision or you can select one of our own models and be ready to move in three months on average.
Build Your Own
Whether you want to hire your own contractors or build yourself, we make it simple! We offer blueprints, bill of quantities, video tutorials of every step, and design assistance.
Our unique homes perform well on sites like AirBNB. Make extra income by adding to an existing property or a new parcel.
I'm so in love with the 800 sq ft design! Thank you GreenBox this house is amazing!
Neliah W.